I have been doing some research of late and asking business owners about outsourcing tasks to a Virtual Assistant. Recently on social media I did a POLL asking who outsourced work to a VA and who didn’t and those that were sitting on the fence considering their options.

The results came back with a resounding number of business owners still doing the work themselves and not outsourcing to a VA. The next highest total on the POLL came in with those business owners still considering but sitting on the fence. A few commented in the post that firstly it came down to budget/expense, some said they just didn’t know how to go about outsourcing. Others were worried about outsourcing and didn’t want to lose that control. There were even a few business owners that admitted they were perfectionists and didn’t want to outsource for that reason as they couldn’t trust a VA to be able to do the tasks as well as they could.

All of these reasons are valid. I think the Virtual Assistant Industry as a whole still needs to educate our audience further. The lowest result on the POLL were those that did outsource work to a VA. So this evidence shows that business owners are still hesitating to outsource their work to a Virtual Assistant. Some might have been burnt in the past by outsourcing and that has scared them completely, others may not be able to afford to outsource, especially start-ups.

Personally I have worked in the industry now full-time for 6 years. I feel as a VA myself, we need to better educate and communicate more to business owners about how efficient it is to outsource work. Not only does it same valuable time but money. The old adage, can you put a $$ dollar figure on your time. What could take you 20 hours to do, may take a Virtual Assistant only 5 hours. The difference a business owner can ‘save’ is huge.

If you are a business owner that is hesitating to outsource work to a Virtual Assistant, I would be happy to chat to you to discuss your concerns and answer any questions you may have. Feel free to contact me anytime.

Barbara has operated her VA business for many years. She enjoys collaborating and providing effective and workable strategies with clients. She is a lady who takes initiative with every task at hand. From Lead Generation to content writing, business development to project management with administration in between, she has you covered.

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