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Why choose Barbara from BBMC – Virtual Assistance?

Barbara comes from a Business & Marketing sales background. BBMC actually stands for Burstall Business & Marketing Consultancy. Since 2009, Barbara worked initially as a consultant for small, medium and large organisations. Barbara would work on long term contractual roles, mainly working on the road, from home and at times short visits within the offices implementing better systems, administration; sales;  co-ordinating events, managing and mentoring staff. In 2013 Barbara rebranded and took the business in a slightly different direction working as a Virtual Assistant. Since then, Barbara now works remotely from her home office, so you have the best of both worlds when you utilise Barbara’s experience and skills in both Consultancy and VA services.

What is BBMC-VA Point of difference to others within the VA Industry and how can she bring value to your business?

Barbara works strategically with each individual client and provides solutions. She specialises in the following areas, lead generation; project management and administration; social media management and content writing.  Barbara would prefer to offer specialised services then be a jack of all trades and a master of none.

If you are in business, you want consistency, consistency is the key. Therefore when you utilise Barbara’s services on a recurring package, week after week, month after month, you are gaining more traction, increasing your sales, increasing your reach and increasing results and ultimately increasing your profit.

Any business coach or mentor would advise any business that consistency is the key, so this is why Barbara strategically has placed herself differently to other VA’s to bring more value to your business.

What specific services does BBMC-VA provide?

Barbara is quite versatile, with a broad background in Marketing; Sales; Administration; Executive Assistance; Business Development; Event Co-ordination and Management, having worked as a EA herself and many years in Management.

Barbara specialises in the following:
Lead Generation | Social Media Marketing | Project Management & Administration | Content Writing

Does Barbara do the cold calling and lead generation herself, or does she outsource other VA’s to do this work?

Yes, Barbara completes the cold calling, following up of warm leads, lead generation and appointment setting herself. Barbara has now implemented a schedule for clients’ work, whereby they book in advance.

If you would like to find out more about Lead Generation Scripts, Emails etc  and how to do it yourself…..check out the Free E-Books on offer, under the heading E-Books. Click here for more information.

Is BBMC-Virtual Assistance insured?

Yes, Barbara from BBMC-Virtual Assistance is covered for Professional Indemnity Insurance and Public Liability Insurance as any Business Owner should be.

Why sign a Client agreement, does this include confidentiality?

Yes the agreement must be signed before any work commences by both parties. This also includes a confidentiality/agreement clause. It is an assurance by both parties.  The client agreement provides a full outline of tasks in more detail.

BBMC-VA is committed to keeping your details strictly private. All information collected in relation to your business and/or clients is kept strictly private. BBMC-VA will never pass on, sell or swap any personal information with any other parties. For more information, please review BBMC-VA Privacy  Policy.

Payment terms, how does this work for me as a client?

All packages are to be paid upfront in full. If a client chooses a 3, 6, 9 or 12 month package, payment is made per month in advance. Otherwise clients who prefer to purchase hours instead, minimum purchase is 3 hours @ $210.00 and full payment is to be made upfront. The Lead Generation Packages are also to be paid upfront.

What if I need to cancel? Do I need to give notice?

In the unfortunate event that a client may need to cancel a package, due to sickness or change in circumstances, the client is required to give at least 5 days’ notice, if not beforehand in writing. The client will be charged for any outstanding work inclusive to that point of the cancellation.  Deposits are non-refundable. For more information, please review the BBMC-VA Client Agreement.

As a client, how do I proceed utilising Barbara from BBMC-Virtual Assistance?

Barbara provides an initial consultation with every client. The next course of action is to make the call/enquiry. Barbara will go through the different packages with you to pick the best option for your needs.

If you want a VA that is honest; reliable; skilled; is an excellent communicator, then pick up the phone, email, PM or make an enquiry via this website. Barbara wants to see your business succeed, grow and expand.  Let Barbara, A VA who ‘thinks’ outside the square help your business be successful, innovative and the thriving business it can be.