There are only four types of lead generation strategies:

  1. Advertising
  2. Public Relations
  3. Word of Mouth
  4. Cold Calling

To think of cold Calling, telemarketing, door knocking, you would probably be cringing.. Who wants to do that to build their customer base and obtain new leads/clients?… Most of us hate the job!!.. Warm leads I call them can come from anywhere, from referrals, friends, someone liking your Facebook Page, someone just inquiring on your product / service by an email inquiry / PM or phone call. These are all warm leads…you can either follow them up via a phone call or email.. or not even worry about it… I feel many people don’t potentially see these inquiries as ‘really great leads’…….

That one customer that ‘liked’ your product on Facebook could potentially be a long-term customer and may want to order or purchase your product for sometime in the future. You must follow up every inquiry…even if you think it’s not going to come to anything…this is what I am currently working on and developing packages for customers and assisting them to look at their target market audience/market. I feel there is a real need to train/teach and re-educate the need for Cold Calling/Telemarketing and the best ways to go about it. This also involves face to face meetings, networking, door knocking…. It is only one component, but a really important one and combined with marketing/advertising, referrals and good the old ‘word of mouth’ this is where you can build a great database and build your customer base and repeat business.

With any Cold Calling/Telemarketing, to see results, you must make sure you are consistent, to try and test for a few weeks and give up, isn’t the way to go…..Many people go wrong by giving up too quickly, or not targeting their correct audience/market. So if you have any questions relating to cold calling/telemarketing, do not hesitate to contact me anytime via Facebook, Mobile: 0423 182 450, Email: or my website

Barbara has operated her VA business for many years. She enjoys collaborating and providing effective and workable strategies with clients. She is a lady who takes initiative with every task at hand. From Lead Generation to content writing, business development to project management with administration in between, she has you covered.

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