You could read this title a few different ways. Firstly you may be offering a free offer or an introductory offer to obtain new clients for your business. Or you could look at this heading thinking, should I take up this free offer, is it too good to be true - what is the catch?

  1. Free offer or introduction offer to obtain new clients for your business. I don’t see a problem doing this when you are first starting out in business. Sometimes it is the only way to start building your database of potential clients/leads. Though you need to be careful in what you are actually offering to clients so they don’t perceive you as someone that will be constantly offering this free service or product consistently. You need to look at your marketing strategy, what do you want to achieve by making this free offer. Are you only wanting to get your name out there in the marketplace so people find out what you do. Are you wanting leads, or just building your database initially. Don’t make an offer that you won’t be able to fulfill. Nothing worse when I see business owners make an offer and over a hundred people take up that offer, only to see months’ later the business never actually did do what they advertised, only to leave a trail of people complaining. That is NOT what you want when just starting out in business. If you offer something, make sure you have the capacity to fulfill your obligations. Remember this is your time and valuable energy, skill set and resources these people are using for FREE…Are you really targeting the right client for your business? Are these clients just tyre kickers who you will never hear back from again?
  2. Should I take up this offer - is it too good to be true? The other way you could take this is if you have been in business for a while now and you see different businesses offering something that you think, yes I could really do with that help, only to find out it wasn’t free after all, or it wasn’t what you thought. The worse outcome is taking up an offer only to be left very disappointed by the outcome. Not only has the business lost you as a customer, but you have wasted your time too. The old adage you get what you paid for, pay peanuts, get monkeys…though your not paying anything, it’s free…so is it worthwhile to actually take up this offer? Most of the time….it’s not and there is always, always a catch!!!

So when you are either taking up a free offer or you are offering a free offer to others, is that the right decision for your business?

‘think about your marketing strategy, how do you want to be perceived in the marketplace’…

Many people can make free introductory offer by ways of sales funnels or clicking on a link and obtain a free e-book for example and build their database or increase their leads that way and it works very well for them. Each business is different and what works for one business may not work for another. You need to sit down and brainstorm who you are targeting, what your intention or outcome of this exercise/campaign will be, otherwise don’t even consider it in the first place.

Be careful though, sometimes it isn’t the best decision or the best direction for your business. I help many businesses with their strategic marketing, hence I like to develop a custom package suitable for each client or they can nominate a package via my website. The next step is what to do and how to do it well. If you would like to find out more how I can assist you with your marketing strategy or VA assistance then do not hesitate to contact me directly on 0423 182 450 or email

Barbara has operated her VA business for many years. She enjoys collaborating and providing effective and workable strategies with clients. She is a lady who takes initiative with every task at hand. From Lead Generation to content writing, business development to project management with administration in between, she has you covered.

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