Recently I posted this image on Facebook, though I didn’t realise the impact it was going to have, because it went VIRAL.

All I commented was:
Really like this
#support #small #business

Would you believe this post went viral in only a few days, after one week, it reached over 130,000 people, with over 800 shares, many more likes and over 10,500 engagements, plus numerous comments.

It was incredible, I just posted it one evening and within 24 hours the post went viral. So why did it go viral you may ask? I think because it resonated with so many small business owners. It is pretty hard out there in 2019 for any small business and this post just resonated with so many and supporting small businesses and the knock on effect it has on the community and on businesses as a whole is huge.

Just think if every friend supported a small business by just doing those simple things like, sharing or liking a post, re-posting, tagging a friend, recommendations, commenting a nice word, giving them a shout out and of course refraining from negativity, all these things don’t cost a cent, they are free. But the impact this has on a small business is huge.

I actually picked up around 3 more jobs myself just from this post, because people wanted to find out more about my business, they liked the post, they liked my business page, they scrolled through my feed, they then checked out my website and presto, I had 3 more new clients from just posting a simple post.

I’m hoping that everyone that saw this post on Facebook has been able to obtain more traction to their business page, for more people to find you, read about your services or view your products.

If you want to know more about what I do as a Virtual Assistant, please follow my business page link here and of course, give it a like, share and comment.

#support #small #business

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