social media marketing
For any business owner, it can be confusing on how to best market your business efficiently and effectively. Barbara offers different packages but she will discuss in depth with you a social media marketing strategy suitable for your individual business needs. Some clients are service based; others are product based, so an individual marketing strategy will be discussed.

Barbara can do a variety of different tasks when it comes to marketing your business, from formulating a social media marketing strategy to helping you with advertising and everything in between. Marketing and social media is a huge platform and is a fantastic tool to use to promote your business, but can’t be solely relied upon. Barbara can discuss different areas she can assist you with and develop new ideas that you may not have thought of. Barbara is definitely an ideas person, a Virtual Assistant who ‘thinks’ outside the square.

Barbara’s specialises in but not limited to the following:

  • Create social media marketing strategy for Facebook | LinkedIn | Instagram
  • Plan social media and day to day activities
  • Cross promote on different social media platforms
  • Write content for client websites using keywords
  • Research on current news stories
  • Work with internal stakeholders
  • Social media implementation
  • Promote brand awareness
  • Manage presence in social networking groups and sites
  • Assist in building a social network
  • Manage and write blogs and articles
  • Post and comment on relevant blogs
  • Write editorial content
  • Engage in conversations and answer questions
  • Schedule posts
  • Develop different marketing strategies and concepts, ie emails, advertising
  • Assist with TV commercial concepts
Barbara has worked for many businesses assisting them with their copywriting or content writing. From writing content for websites, ghost writing and content for social media posts and articles plus everything in between. Barbara has a way with words and enjoys working with different clients from different industries.

Barbara specialises in but not limited to the following:

  • Develops strategies with the client to portray core message and target audience
  • Brainstorm ideas for writing and presenting options for clients
  • Modifying copy
  • Develop enticing lead headlines
  • Writing in different styles and tones
  • Research different topics and industries
  • Writing blogs and articles
  • Core website copy
  • Social media posts
  • Content for banners
  • Product descriptions

Barbara enjoys working in Canva. Even though you can design yourself, many people don’t have the time or patience to design blog posts, proposals, newsletters, lead magnet templates, e-books, worksheets, workbook templates, flyers, the list goes on. Barbara can incorporate your messaging and branding. Barbara is a trade qualified compositor, so she enjoys the creative aspect of helping her clients in this area

Barbara specialises in but not limited to the following:

  • Develop and design quality Canva designs, using client branding, logo and content
  • Identify your target market and use that information to design blog posts, newsletters, workbook templates, e-books, flyers, the list goes one, whatever you want, Barbara can design, using your branding/logo.

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