When it comes to Cross Promotion, I’m no Guru, but these are my thoughts on the subject. If you want to get your name out there, consider Cross Promoting!

Marketing your product or service is hard enough nowadays. If you are trying to “go it alone”, using your own limited resources and money, it can be tough. But there are some great ways to ‘dip’ into other ‘businesses customer base’ and do it in a way that will benefit you both.

So try to identify businesses in your market that offer products or services complimentary to yours, but not actually directly competing with what you have to offer. By promoting each others products/services to each others customers, you will both benefit to a completely new group of ‘targeted customers’.

Here are my suggestions of the 10 most helpful tips about Cross Promotion :

  1. Using social media – Add comments to a Business Partners Facebook page or tweet about the company, in exchange they do the same.
  2. Create an advertisement in the local newspaper – for instance if you are a Real Estate Agent, or a Mortgage Broker a joint advertisement will cost you half of what a normal advertisement would cost, or include a third party, possibly a Removalist – it’s all related to Property!
  3. Postcard – Send out a joint postcard using your combined mailing list, so your business is on one side and the other business on the reverse side
  4. Competitions – Another example, a florist and a beauty salon, could hold a Valentine’s or Mother’s Day Competition, the winner receives flowers, and a manicure to the value of $80.00 for example.
  5. Displays – These are great, with samples of each businesses product/service at each other’s place of work (if it’s not a product, but a service, then business cards at the reception area on display are ideal).
  6. Promotions/Discounts – Offers might include 10% of an upcoming order or free shipping if the customer orders from both companies.
  7. Share Space – Consider sharing a co-working space with another business
  8. Trade Shows/Expos/Events – Sharing a booth together, where both clients can land new customers
  9. Newsletters, Emails, Flyers, Brochures, Websites, or guest blog on each other’s blog – advertising both businesses
  10. Joint Interview on a podcast and talk about a topic relevant to your market (which has an added bonus as both businesses will be perceived as experts in their fields).

These are just a few suggestions of what I consider “Cross Promotion”, but it gives you an idea of the different ways that both businesses can benefit.

Barbara has operated her VA business for many years. She enjoys collaborating and providing effective and workable strategies with clients. She is a lady who takes initiative with every task at hand. From Lead Generation to content writing, business development to project management with administration in between, she has you covered.

Barbara Burstall
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