Now you may think this is somewhat a silly question, but in reality, sometimes we need to go back to the basics and really ask ourselves why customers come to us.

Is it because of the incredible service we provide or the products we sell? I don’t think so…I think personally for me, people come to me for VA assistance, because they have watched me over the last few years on different social media platforms. They have either spoken to me over the phone or in person, or read my posts where I have provided assistance for many businesses and also not to sound ‘full of myself’ but I do obtain many recommendations and referrals from past customers and that has been fantastic when building my business over the years, so I must be doing something right as a Virtual Assistant.

What is different about my brand, my personality, from others in my niche?

As a VA who specialises in common specialities that many other Virtual Assistants do, I try to set myself apart a little differently. I specialise in  Social Media Marketing | Content Writing | Canva Designs.  What makes my business different to others is that I do not outsource to other VAs or have a team or agency. Most of my clients really like the one on one interaction and feel nurtured compared to if I were to outsource work to other VAs, even though I would be managing the project, the clients feel the service is of higher quality. So I provide my clients quality over quantity in value.

What is something that your customers or community consistently say they love about you, or your business?

Probably my honesty, I post regularly on different social media platforms, and I’m a pretty down to earth kind of person. Even today I sent through a video of a blooper I did, so I don’t mind making fun of myself either. Clients would say I’m a down to earth Aussie who will help anyone and provide support and ideas where I can. Customers come back, because they enjoy my approach to business and that I am an ‘ideas person’ who thinks outside the square and they tell me I have a way with words, so when you’re a Virtual Assistant who specialises in sales, leads, content writing, business development and social media marketing, that is a good thing to hear.

So next time when you think why do customers come to me, think about these questions and ask yourself.

Barbara has operated her VA business for many years. She enjoys collaborating and providing effective and workable strategies with clients. She is a lady who takes initiative with every task at hand. From Lead Generation to content writing, business development to project management and admin in between, she has you covered.

Barbara Burstall
BBMC – Virtual Assistance
(A VA who thinks OUTSIDE the square) |